Tuesday, March 07, 2006

M.E.N.K. & Pearls Retreat Postponed

We're so disappointed! We were so looking forward to gathering with some other fantastic women and just relaxing and sharing good energy. And things were shaping up so well. The early response was encouraging, a mix from women across the country looking to do the same.

Unfortunately we just couldn't get the hotel to cooperate in the manner in which we thought they should. Who ever heard of hotdogs served at a fabulous Goddess Dinner? See what we're saying?

So due to some unresolvable contract issues (and obvious menu differences), we are forced to postpone the M.E.N.K. & Pearls getaway until we can find a more fabulous venue on a date that works with all of our schedules.

We'll keep you informed when we work out all the particulars. Until then, stay fantastik!