Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where You Been?

We know it's been a long time since you've heard from us, and many of you have been asking where we've disappeared to. We're glad you miss us. We miss you too!

The easy answer to that question is that since having to postpone the M.E.N.K. & Pearls Getaway, the Femmes have been crazy busy. Carmen and Lori have been holed up editing and writing new books. And Nina, well, Nina has been tearing it up out there! Here's what's doing.

Nina is a nonstop writing, promoting, business, mommy machine. When we last left Ms. Foxx, she was promoting her newest book, Marrying Up. Well, that book was made into a stage play and toured several cities to audience delight. All the while, Nina was writing and her new book, Just Short of Crazy, will be released in June. It's a fun story about a woman just trying to keep her sanity and deal with a break-up, a new man and his crazy ex-wife, a "hands-on" boss and a couple of wacky cousins. As always, Nina's wit and humor comes shining through. She's also about to begin her tour for Just Short and move to a new city later this summer.

Carmen finished writing and editing her new book, What A Fool Believes. It's about a woman who is forced to attend anger management classes following her break up from a no're do well fiance. It's very comical and of course poignant and one of the best books Carmen has written. It's due out this August so look for it and pick it up. She's also promoting her anthologies Indecent Exposure and A Day in Mossy Creek. In 2007, we will be celebrating the release of Carmen's 20th book, so get ready for some fun with our most prolific Femme.

(Why do I have to follow Carmen? It's bad enough Nina is already on her fifth or sixth book but I have to come after Ms. 20 books? Okay, Femme Fans, the truth is Carmen has been out of sight all year due to major plastic surgery. Look closely at her new photo for book number 20! Carmen, Halle, Angelina and Vivica called. They want their nose, lips and boobs back!)

Okay enough playa-hatin'. This year, Lori has been underground writing very hard trying to catch up with her fellow Femmes. She's finishing up her third novel, Weapons of Mass Seduction, which tells the sexy story of three woman who meet in a flirting workshop designed to unearth their inner bombshell and how their newfound skills ultimately affect their lives. It's part flirt manual, part novel and all good! Look for Weapons in summer 2007.

The Femmes only appearance together this year will be in the Los Angeles area on September 23 at the Burbank Hilton Hotel. We are being hosted by the Kindred Spirits Book Club and are looking forward to spending a Fantastik afternoon with them and their friends. More on that later.

So that's what we've been up to. The Femme Fantastik Tour will be hitting the road again in 2007 with new projects, new authors and a new attitude (and of course, Nina will have a new pair of shoes!) We will also reschedule the M.E.N.K. & Pearls Getaway. We promise! We just couldn't find a date in 2006 that worked with everyone's schedules.

So, see you soon and stay Fantastik!