Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Halle a Femme Fantastik (Sort of)

Halle Berry is set to go bald for new movie
By Bob Tourtellotte

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Her beauty trumps many a starlet in youth-obsessed Hollywood, but Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry , at age 40, is preparing to go where few leading actresses would dare. Berry is going bald. The actress, whose roles include sexy secret agent Jinx in the James Bond flick "Die Another Day," is shaving her brunette locks for a new movie that could start shooting as soon as this summer, Berry told reporters late Wednesday.

"I'm going to shave my head bald. I can't believe it," she said. Berry will shed her hair for a romantic comedy she said is currently titled "Nappily Ever After." The star plays a woman whose hair is starting to fall out, so she decides to shave it all. Afterward, she must deal with people's perceptions of who she is and how her hair defined her. Berry said her character "is forced to look at what beauty is, and it comes from inside." "I still struggle with this hair issue," she said. "I'm going to get the lesson on film, and hopefully other women will get it, too." Her plan is to shave her real hair on film and not fake it by wearing a cap. But it will be more than a year before moviegoers will see Berry go bald because a new draft of "Nappily Ever After" was only recently completed.

"As I've gotten older, I've become more comfortable with who I really am -- all parts of me -- knowing that my physical self doesn't diminish me in any way, or my talent," she said. Nor, for that matter, does her hair.

PS Don Imus this does not make what you said in any way correct!

Okay, now what does this have to do with the headline that proclaims Halle as a Femme (sort of)? Well, Nappily Ever After was written by none other than, our Fantastik Femme, Trisha R. Thomas! If you haven't read this amazing book, run to find it before the sequel, Happily Married, comes out in June. And be sure you come out to see her this fall when we're on tour!