Saturday, November 19, 2005

An Evening with the (Crazy) Authors

We've written about the bootleg limo ride and even my unfortunate allergic reaction (thank you, Carmen, for taking such good care of me and Nina for not mentioning the size of my lips--can you say 'Hitch'). Now let's get into the reason we were in Los Angeles. This is going to be straight no chaser. Just the facts. We'll follow up with the "real deal" stories later.

The lovely sorors of Delta Sigma Theta's Pomona Valley Chapter booked us as literary entertainment for a fundraising dinner to benefit their scholarship programs. The Femmes, believing strongly in the concept of doing well by doing good, happily agreed to participate. And entertainment is surely what they got.

The event was well attended, over 250 strong. They even had to open an overflow room. Each of the four Femmes (Jacquie and Victoria were unable to join us) was seated in different areas of the room. It was a great set up because we were able to mingle among the guests instead of being stuck all night at a head table. With all those Delta's decked out in their crimson and cream, it was the red sea up in the Jazz Cafe! And all evening the atmosphere was warm and festive and definitely upbeat.

Maleta Wilson, a member of Delta Sigma Theta and owner of Heritage Bookstore and More really worked hard with the rest of her committee to pull this event off. It was a smashing success and we appreciated the love and support that was displayed.

Stay tuned for more on Miss Margaret's fainting spell, an autograph for Mr. Chocolate Thunder Down Under, the lady in the OFR who was appalled to learn that alcohol had touched the Femme Fantastik Author's lips, and how unbeknownst to any of us, with no planning or foresight, the entire evening took on a very sexual theme. It was a night to remember.


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