Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back on the Bus

Look for four out of the seven Femmes on the upcoming Levy Home Entertainment's Soul Expressions Author Tour. ReShonda, Nina, Trisha and Lori will climb on board August 8-12 with several other authors visiting Walmart stores in Indiana and Illinois. It should be very interesting as we spend four days on a 'luxury motor coach' or as Nina puts it a Greyhound Bus with DVD players. ReShonda has already inquired if there is a first class section (she'll need the space as in the four days she's sure to knock out at least two books) and Trisha is threatening to bring her 'mop and shine' out in each stop! Lori refuses to sit a) in the back by the lavatory and b) next to Nina's shoe trunks. We're thinking of running a contest to have you guess how many shoes Nina brings on the bus with her but we can't come up with an appropriate prize. A gift certificate to DWS perhaps? We'll keep you posted.

We'll be blogging on the road and I know our budding movie director will be posting more embarrassing footage. God, please don't let me get caught in that oh so embarrassing "asleep on the bus, mouth open snoring like a lumberjack pose." I'll swear on the life of my kids that my head was superimposed on Carmen's body (wait, she can't be there because she'll be in NJ doing her residency weeks for her Masters). But if you hear of some lucky Walmart customer finding a pair of Jimmy Choos in the shoe section, you'll know I got my revenge on Nina but good.

Stay tuned...somehow I think this tour is going to be funny as hell.


Nina Foxx said...

You know you ain't right. I have LoJack for my shoes anyway, boo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Nina's gonna have to leave the video camera at home. I mean, the video tape has destroyed many a people. And if y'all around me for four days (on a bus at that), let's just say the country girl in me is bound to come out. (Like the fact that I really like to walk around barefoot). Don't need my toes on the Internet...

Signed, ReShonda (who had to sign in anonoymously because I can't remember my blogger password)