Monday, August 20, 2007

Countdown to The Femme Fantastik Tour

Hi Friends,
Yesterday I saw Berta Platas at the GRW meeting, and I asked her had she started working out in preparation for the Femme Fantastik Tour. She gave me this quizzical look. No, was her cryptic reply. I told her no offense, but Lori and Nina get sick on tour. They eat the wrong food and the next thing you know, you're carrying Nina's bag of 2000 shoes and dragging Lori on a stretcher to the nearest ER for an allergy scare. ReShonda, well, she can't stop having babies, and Trisha, well, she's just special. I'm the only healthy one, I told her, sucking in one cheek. That usually means I'm lying, but, whatever. I suggested a couple chin ups, some bicep and tricep curls and jogging for endurance would be in order. Berta, for the record, didn't believe me. (Her mistake)

In all seriousness, in less than 30 days our tour will begin. Last year we had allergy scares, bootleg limousine rides, book and author no shows and funny radio interviews, but in the midst of it all we were honored to meet the service men and women who make it possible for us to sleep at night. We loved meeting their families on church Sunday's, their children on cheerleading and haircut Saturday's, and their mother's and father's shopping in the PX on Friday's. It was our pleasure to shake their hands, give a hug of encouragement and share a laugh with these brave young people. Selling our books was a gift to us, not them. I gained so much. Humility. Honor. Pride. I learned from these people about the meaning of bravery.
This year we're bigger and we're bringing a few guest authors with us. So get ready because here we come. We'll see you in a few weeks!


Nina Foxx said...

I do not get sick! And hey, I follow my own rule, I don't bring any bags I can't carry.

Lori BW said...

One allergic reaction and I'm pegged for life! Jeeze...we won't mention which Femme travels with an entire pharmacy in her purse but we call her the Rummager!

Berta said...

Okay, so why did I run a mile last night and schedule time at the weight machines today? Okay, it was because of the tour, but more like I can't fit into my clothes than because of any last minute fitness campaign.

But Carm really told me to make sure to do bicep curls so that I could handle Nina's shoes. Seriously. And with a straight face, too.