Saturday, May 14, 2005

Carmen's Perspective

When I got to NC for the Fort Bragg leg of our tour, my only thoughts were of seeing Jacquie, who'd been under the weather for the first portion of our tour, hanging out with the girls and selling books. I got all three and more! Fort Bragg was a super hit. We were treated like royalty. Before we got into the PX, we had ladies in the parking lot walking up, wanting our autographs. This had happened before, but that day I realized why. We looked like celebrities. We were dressed to kill and when you see five attractive, confident women striding through any venue, people take notice.

At Fort Bragg we met and made friends, and one fan traveled 110 miles just to have me sign the first ten books I’d written. I was honored. Truly.

Then there was the Sistah's bookclub. Now the other Femmes have their version of how things went, but my version is the truth. I was in complete control. (this is written with a big cheesy grin on my face) I was only mildly funny when recounting the shopping trip that sealed our future as lifetime Femmes. To say I was completely enamored with the beauty of the home we were hosted in, and humbled by the hospitality of Suzette Perkins and the Sistah’s bookclub would be a huge understatement. They pulled out the stops and they bought books. Suzette’ and the other ladies epitomize what I love about serious readers groups. They had a healthy respect for us as writers and how we're able to stay in business. They don’t share books. They buy their own. They have intelligent discussions about the book, and they enjoy having authors come and talk about their work. For a writer, this bookclub is a writer’s dream.

I’ve been a writer for 11 years. I have twenty-two books sold, and I’m learning something new everyday.

Here’s what I learned while on the Femme Fantastik tour.

Don’t get inexpensive pants dry-cleaned. They shine and not in a good way.

When shopping with friends that are richer than you, stand back. Thieves only find your diversionary techniques annoying. After all, they don’t want the change dropping out the hole in your purse. They actually want the purse you’re blocking.

Nina doesn’t know how to use a GPS. Let’s leave it there.

When Carmen gets sleepy, she’s inclined to be goofy. Right, I’m talking about me. Scratch that.

When Victoria offers you lip gloss to grease up for a fight, run.

Marissa has several personalities. They have names. And clothes.

Lori likes to lie on innocent people like me. I’m totally good. I promise.

Jacquie Thomas is a saint. Really.

The Femme Fantastiks may come to a city near you. If you’re interested in hosting us, contact Lori or Nina. Until next time, I salute you!


PS. I tell stories for a living.


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