Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

The mood was pretty festive this weekend in Fort Bragg. Although it was cold and rainy in Ft Bragg, the Femme were ready to go. Jacquie asked if we could speak to her son’s first grade class and we agreed, not realizing that she meant over 100 kids. They were happy to see us though and inspired us we close to one hundred questions. Really.

We had too much fun at our seafood dinner and lots of stuff happened that I promised not to mention in this blog. A promise between Femmes is a promise, so I will only give you highlights.

“Look, Nina is CHEWING!”


Carmen had never experienced a hush puppy.

“Can I have some oyster with that hot sauce?”

Mother’s Day not Easter? (If you figure this one out I will send you a free cover flat)

Ziploc bags. (And this one gets you a free book)

Our host from AAFES laughed so hard he thought we were better than THE VIEW. He also thought that Black Expressions meant he should say, “Hey, What’s up?” He wrote Oprah about us. Can someone please call TV ONE? Or the WB?

Victoria worked the scarf and sunglasses at night.

I was going to jack Mrs. Thomas for her FABULOUS handbag, but Victoria had her back. (I coulda taken them. For real though). Folks came in from the parking lot to say hello.

And as the hotel, let’s just say it was like grown up summer camp or a Femme Fantastik Slumber party. There were women literally streaking down the hallway in their Femmetastik pajamas. It wasn’t me.

And the signing, well, Lori was in RARE form. She is most definitely the comedian in the bunch. There were readers who drove for over 130 miles to see us, bringing the earliest of Carmen’s 20 plus books to be signed. (We are talking ancient history here).

We were treated like royalty and showered with gifts. Jason Rosenberg knows how to put on a top notch show. Everyone was so appreciative it gave me chills. Did I mention the gifts? Make sure you check out the pictures.

Lying for a living has it perks, the good feelings and friendships being the best.

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princessdominique said...

Awww sorry I missed you ladies. Nobody called me :(